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CBD is the abbreviated acronym for Cannabidiol. It’s among those 85 cannabinoids found in Cannabis. While much is understood about THC also it unwanted effects, Cannabidiol doesn’t possess this probiotic element. But, it’s the active element that accounts for nearly all the curative properties in Cannabis. Synergy Wellness specializes in CBD wealthy products. CBD Rich means there’s more Cannabidiol current than THC and the blossoms test greater than 4 percent CBD.

Cannabidiol has a vast selection of medicinal uses. To name a few:

Epilepsy We were utilizing a CBD tincture produced from 100 percent ACDC, in an olive oil base for kids with Epilepsy. The results are phenomenal, with favorable seizure reduction or overall control in over 90 percent of their kids. For kids, the ideal ratio is generally CBD:THC 20:1 to have that result. ACDC is our equal to Charlotte’s Web. It has the exact same ratio of 20:1 and it has the exact same medicinal properties.

Here’s a movie on CBD utilized for epilepsy.

Cancer This is another significant program of CBD that we’ve experienced much success. Our study proves that the CBD works best at the existence of a few THC. The ratio of 4:1 CBD:THC provides the best outcome. We have a lot of customers which are only utilizing our CBD wealthy tinctures and no additional therapy (traditional or other ) that have experienced a complete cure against cancer, such as complete tumor disappearance, recorded with MRI scans.

The graph below lists that medicinal properties are credited to CBD in addition to a number of the other significant cannabinoids (CBN, CBC, CBG). CBDA is the acid form of the compound.

Once harvested and grown, the blossoms are nearly all CBDA and THCA. A treatment using a moderate level heat program (280 – 300 degrees Fahrenheit) extends CBDA into CBD in addition to THCA into THC.

Total collection of programs of CBD as well as the origin of the study for every condition


These statements haven’t been evaluated by the FDA and aren’t meant to diagnose, cure or treat any disease. Always consult your doctor before beginning a new dietary supplement program.

My son has epilepsy and’d attempted 15 distinct drugs over a 5 year interval. Some worked for 3 weeks after which collapsed following the honeymoon period while others collapsed instantly. We’ve been utilizing your CBD for 1.5 decades now and the outcomes only continue to improve. Even though the frequency has diminished, the greatest improvement is at the level and length. He used to have seizures which lasted 30-40 minutes which could wipe out him. Nowthey are just 5 sec — 1 moment and are extremely mild. Additionally, we’re seeing new growth and advancement as he evolves into being a normal individual. Your medication has changed our lives. Thank you.

Our son has lived with migraines for 6 decades. At one stage in his lifetime he’d over 100 seizures a dayhe a had a neurologist inform us he’d deteriorate into virtually a vegetable. He’s neglected nine drugs and been around the ketigenic diet two times. In all of his years we haven’t seen such remarkable improvement as we’ve got in your own high CBD Oil. We’ve always tested our petroleum for an external lab and they’re always really close if not exactly the same as your outcomes. Thanks for caring for the plants to ensure that they’re safe.

I need to inform you that the Salve is remarkable! Besides multiple spinal injuries, I suffer with a chronic inflammatory disease which leads to constant muscle spasms throughout my throat and back. Each time I rub on the Salve to a spasm, the pain disappears within minutes. I will feel the muscle relax along with also the inflammation vanish.

I’ve been in chronic pain for 16 decades and I here is actually the quickest, most efficient pain relief I’ve experienced. I harbor ‘t felt this free in quite a very long time. Thank you.

The Grand Daddy Purple which Synergy Wellness develops is an superb pain reliever and sleep aide. The quality is top notch and each batch is constant to the past. The Grand Daddy Purple seems magnificent, is superbly manicured, and can be a wonderful medication.

My spouse ‘s stress is waaaay down together with all the Valentine 25:1 CBD tincture. For the first time she slept in the car (on the ride home), she’s more comfy and accepting of my help around the home while she rests/relaxes (for first time in 11 years). It’s like she’s a new man that isn’t carrying the burden of the world on her shoulders. This last dose of chemo because of the breast cancer had a whole lot of steroids and generally she’s wired for two days, but Not this time. Additionally, the vaporizer has additionally been fine for her when she wants a shirt off. Thank you.

I just wanted to allow you to know I had my MRI on Friday and I had been rid of cancer and my tumor is gone. I used to get a Grade 3 Astrocytoma! I’ve been using Synergy Wellness tinctures, three times every day, for the previous 7 weeks. Thank you.

I had been diagnosed with a Grade 3 Astrocytoma! I’ve been using Synergy Wellness merchandise for 7 weeks, mainly the ACDC solutions. I had my MRI on Friday and I had been rid of cancer as well as my tumor is gone.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with advanced neurological disorder of unknown source, such as leg fatigue, muscular spasticity, poor flow, and tiredness. I had been using a wheelchair roughly 75 percent of their period and forearm crutches the remaining 25%. CBDreamers I’ve been on each pharmaceutical intervention referred as contemporary medication with no success. About two months ago I had been introduced into elevated CBD tinctures from Synergy Wellness. After a few days, I discovered my flow improving; my toes were getting pink and warm, the very first time in years. My leg power, spasticity and fatigue are advancing everyday. I’m now walking at a pool, with a single crutch for small distances around the home and my electricity is steadily climbing. After having specialists in the standard medical system inform me my state wa…

I’ve been using Synergy Wellness goods for just about 3 decades now. They’ve assisted me considerably with symptom relief in the traditional cancer therapies I chose. I’ve discovered no better medication for relief of chemo induced radiation and nausea induced nerve damage pain compared to the natural, cbd-rich products which have grown with love right here in Marin. It’s fine to have a buddy I hope to supply gentle and safe medicine for my continuing struggle. Thank you to your innovative and organic care.

I adore the vaporizer pen. It’s tasteful, discreet and inexpensive. It’s a really effective delivery method. It fits into your pocket or handbag perfectly and works great! Synergy Wellness oil is very large quality, very pure with lovely long lasting medicinal results.

I’ve tried a great deal of unique vaporizers and I highly suggest the vaporizer pencil that Synergy Wellness carries. It’s tasteful, discreet, inexpensive and easy to use. No more dabs, no mess or fuss. It offers the smoothest, lightest and lightest vapor I have observed. I favor this vaporizer only today. Thank you.

We’re cautiously optimistic. Our 14 year-old terrier appears to be around the opposite side of acute pancreatitis. He was a goner. Abdomen distented, pain, restless. No ingestion, nausea. The vet wasn’t much help. Tried Cannatonic 2 drops 3x daily. First dose pain markedly abated. Went to 4 drops 3x day. He reacted well!

We believe the cannatonic was crucial in reducing the redness and enabling him great relaxation and relieving shivering. He’s nearly normal now and we thank god to your own remedy. It’s a godsend that you just do exactly what you do!!

I’ve been a medical marijuana user for my nausea and eating disease for several years. While I could say I have appreciated some of the best blossoms around over the decades; the caliber of the grower supporting this product is what’s taken this breed to another level. This is really A tier medication. My sincerest thanks to Synergy Wellness for the time and attention.

"I want folks to understand Synergy Wellness is quite real, we all know it firsthand. The medication in what Synergy Wellness supplies includes a helped us undergo horrible events with actual outcomes, with actual medication. We take for granted physicians will always have our best interests in mind, our health and our kids ‘s lives. While I see controversy concerning Cannabis something dies inside me each and every time since our story is actual. Cannabis is a medicine that alarms natural small physicians inside our own bodies, to switch-on and begin their own curative work and frequently life saving work. We do have organic small helpers within our own body and Cannabis can wake them up. We’ve tried many products, here in Synergy Wellness we’ve discovered the end of the hunt. "

I’m getting good results with the Canna Tonic tincture. Reduced swelling, inflammation, and shortened healing time, without any spasms. I don’t feel good (which is good ) no anxiety whatsoever and I have great focus during multi-faceted and I totally relax at night using a strong profound sleep, which enhances the recovery and my immune system.

I am certain this is curing my endangered Pancreas and Duodenum valve. I’ve had energy through the day and also have eliminated most caffeine usage.

The Third Eye Tincture is recommended for daytime usage. This natural medication is a great mood up-lifter and amazingly long-lasting. It’s helped me along with my occasional depressions and attracted great relief from my persistent back pains. Huge thank you to Synergy Wellness for all these high quality organic all-natural remedies.

I just wanted to let you guys know how good my son is performing because of his epilepsy. He’s getting the best seizure control he’s needed in a looong time. Not just this but I am privileged to see him grin and laugh again. It’d been weeks since I’d noticed him grin and call me Mama. Thank you for your job you’re doing and for actually making the finest of those plants at the most secure way. Blessings to each one of you and I expect others could be contributed to the fantastic medication you’re making.

I just wanted to thank you for your superbly consistently high-quality item. I enjoy knowing that what I place in my lungs is natural rather than harmful. I especially enjoy mixing Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) indica using all the Solara and Sour Diesel strains. The mix appears to provide me the immediate and lingering benefits without needing to change from one to another. I tremendously and wholeheartedly advocate Synergy Wellness as the dispensary of option to medical marijuana.

My daughter had seizures from epilepsy. There were approximately 40-50 seizures . Some were very severe. After beginning the ACDC oil based tincture, her seizures have been decreased down to 1-2 per week and people are now quite mild seizures. The enhanced effects began immediately after starting the medication.

Your goods are a wonder in my entire life. I’ve managed to eliminate steroids and pain killers entirely. Swelling is far down into my wrists — definition has returned and nurse can correct the wrist and hands (that couldn’t be achieved before); spine pain has been relieved. I need to use ice packs to sleep Complete relief from Restless Leg Syndrome from top CBD. Thank you so much.

Synergy Wellness’ Grand Daddy Purple breed is among my preferred indicas. I really like to use this breed for sleeplessness. I have a tough time falling and staying asleep. You also can definitely see, smell and taste the standard of this Grand daddy purple.

I had been diagnosed with lung cancer and finished chemo. I had a tumor which was too big for a surgery. Then I began carrying the CBD wealthy tincture Harlequin at massive doses for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, I had a CT scan. The tumor had shrunk by 50 percent and there was no development of this disease. The doctors were astonished.

It was small enough to eliminate, and they did. I am cancer free. Thank you for your amazing sacred medicine along with your ethics, compassion and devotion.

My spouse has stage Parkinson’s plus a little quantity of this Grand Daddy Purple not just calms him, but it’s considerably reduced his vibration. I find that the Infinite Euphoria useful for imagination during composing and a general sense of feeling great. I also tried a number of those tinctures, that can be incredibly calming if desired through anxiety.

And I attempted the Synergy Salve in my knee which was swollen and irritated for many months. In a week the swelling and swelling disappeared! Thanks for your "good medication " and careful focus to growing your crops. I think all of the maintenance makes a huge difference.

I would like to thank Synergy Wellness to your devotion to CBD strains. I’ve cancer and locating CBD breeds is tough. However, Synergy Wellness offers 8 distinct CBD Rich breeds. Your CBD mixes are really an innovative alternative, taking 3 distinct breeds to acquire the best 4:1 CBD:THC ratio. In 3 weeks, my possessions have decreased to less than half an hour. You’re a pioneer on the top edge of development within this new area. You’re a blessing to many. Continue the fantastic work.

I had a competitive astrocytoma brain tumor. The physicians agreed it’d make me blind, paralyzed and kill me. For the previous 6 weeks, I’ve not completed conventional remedies — I am just taking Synergy Wellness CBD Rich medication. Lately, I went to get a checkup. I’ve never felt better. Scans shows zero expansion. I call Leonard that the "Wizard of Woodacre". I think his magic medicine is my soul and life.

Thanks for the clones of both AC/DC, Cannatonic and Canna Sue. I was amazed by the healing abilities of three breeds, so much I have successfully handled arthritis, epilepsy, prostate cancer and colitis.